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First, the best perspective…

Wilt thou set thine eyes upon that which is not? for riches certainly make themselves wings; they fly away as an eagle toward heaven.
Proverbs 23:5

The New Red Corvette – July 2011
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Several years ago, after the passing of my father, I inherited his red Corvette. It was a car I knew I would enjoy owning – red with a T-bar roof and as with all Corvettes, it had plenty of power. The car needed a few minor repairs and a state inspection, so I had it towed from Dad’s house to the nearby Chevrolet dealership in Boonville. After a week and an expense of more than $500, the car was ready. Dee and
I took a drive to Inlet and enjoyed the early evening hours at the park on Fourth Lake before returning home. As I opened Dee’s door to allow her to enter, a young man passed by, looked at me and simply said, “Nice car!” When we arrived home, I remember commenting to Dee that it was enjoyable, but the novelty had already worn off.

Meanwhile, I was experiencing reservations about owning the car. Frankly, I was worried about what people would think, since we
serve as home-based missionaries. There really is nothing wrong
with owning a Corvette or any other luxury or sports car as long as the owner does not allow it to become a distraction from the things
in life that are truly important. Proper perspective as a steward is essential, especially concerning something that is not a necessity.
So, I pondered these questions and gave consideration to pros and cons. I also sought the counsel of two pastors about the issue and they encouraged me to keep the car and enjoy it. Still, I was troubled.

The next week, our son Brandon asked if he could drive the car to work. I considered the question briefly and then gave my consent. Every 22 year old man would love the opportunity to have some
fun in a classic Corvette and after all, it was simply a car to enjoy. Later that day as I worked in my office, I received a call from a young woman named Dana. She said she lived just down the street and that Brandon had been involved a small accident. She was calm as she spoke, so my guess was that somebody pulled out in front of him, resulting in a fender bender. As I left the house, I was unconcerned…

When I arrived on the scene (just a few hundred yards from our home), I was shocked. The Corvette was destroyed. Fortunately,
I could see Brandon standing behind the car.  On one of the hottest days of the year, he had fallen asleep at the wheel after working more than fourty hours in the previous two and a half days. By God’s grace, he had sustained only minor cuts and bruises and nobody else had been hurt. Later I was told by an auto crash expert that he had seen many wrecked cars in better shape where the occupants had died…

The New Red Corvette – One Week Later

The classic red Corvette had only been on the road a week. The enjoyable yet somewhat troubling experience had been brief, but I felt a great sense of relief. Much of that had to do with the fact that our son was still with us. He asked for forgiveness (none was needed) and then he wondered if I would buy another Corvette to replace this one. With a gentle smile I shook my head and said, “No.” Perhaps one day he will own one and he can allow me a chance to drive!

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