It’s In The Details: Review of the Broken Egg Cafe

It’s In The Details: Review of the Broken Egg Cafe

Dee and I took a trip to Huntsville, Alabama yesterday. The reason for the two-hour journey will become apparent in an upcoming blog entry. But for now, let’s take a look at one of our stops – a restaurant called Broken Egg Cafe. We were looking for a place to enjoy lunch before returning to our home and Dee suggested this restaurant, located in a shopping plaza on Carl T Jones Dr. in Huntsville.

A great stop for lunch – The Broken Egg Cafe, Huntsville, Alabama

When Dee and I enjoy a meal at a restaurant, we evaluate our experience based on four factors: quality of food; quality of service; quality of atmosphere; and quality of value (overall experience more than the price).

Upon entering Broken Egg Cafe, we were encouraged to seat ourselves and within a few moments, a nice young lady named Yessenia greeted us at the table and took a moment to chat. We requested water, which was soon brought to our table, along with menus.

Printed on high quality heavy paper, the menu was well organized with plenty of color for a high degree of visual appeal. As Dee and I carefully reviewed the possibilities, we considered so many fascinating selections that it was difficult to arrive at a decision. The entrees were most unusual and with a decided southern flair. The list for brunch included Lobster and Brie Omelette, Eggs Blackstone Benedict, Louisiana Crawfish Skillet, and many other tempting dishes. I admit that our server had to visit us three different times before we were ready to place our order.

Once the orders were placed, Yessenia surprised us with a plate of beignets with honey marmalade on the side – a special gift they present to all first-time visitors. These were excellent – light and fluffy – rolled in confectioners sugar, a nice touch that we thoroughly enjoyed.

Dee requested the Belgian Power Waffle, a whole wheat waffle with two poached eggs and baked bacon. The waffle included bananas, pecans, and all-natural coconut peanut butter drizzle. Real Maple syrup was available, but she chose to use a small amount of table syrup.

Dee’s choice – Belgian Power Waffle topped with bananas and pecans

I ordered the Mardi Gras Omelette, a very pleasant and tasty blend of Louisiana Crawfish, Gulf Shrimp, and Andouille, topped with hollandaise and covered with red peppers, tomatoes, and green onions. The dish included a side of country potatoes and an English muffin.

Jeff’s selection – the Mardi Gras omelette topped with Hollandaise

I mentioned it’s in the details. Close attention to detail is what sets most businesses apart from competitors and this restaurant excels in this. Our food was presented in an artistic manner and delivered to the table on plates that had been oven-warmed. Meanwhile, the creamers for coffee arrived in pre-cooled dishes including an empty dish to use for the disposal of used creamer cups and sugar packets.

The coffee is a special blend of Brazilian Ipanema Estate beans, slow roasted in small batches. It was excellent and if the afternoon had been more leisurely, we might have happily enjoyed a second cup.

Price is not one of our four factors, but our total bill was a very reasonable $33.31 plus tip in exchange for a very pleasant meal away from home. For more information, check their web site:

At first we thought this would be a ‘one and done’ experience, since for us, Huntsville is about two hours away from home. However, we checked the web site. There are other locations scattered throughout the south, so our Nashville area friends can easily take our recommendation if desired and try one of two locations here in Middle Tennessee. As for our Rochester and Syracuse area friends – well sorry – you will have to come down for a visit, since Broken Egg Cafe has not expanded up north.

So then… quality of food, service, atmosphere, and overall value. Each vital element more than met our expectations and we were highly impressed. If you ever have the need to visit Huntsville, Alabama, Dee and I recommend Broken Egg Cafe for an outstanding dining experience.

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