A Call to Conservative Friends in the Empire State

For my friends and family who still live in New York: There’s an old joke in Texas: “If you love New York, take I30 East.”

Well, if you live in New York and you love personal liberty, maybe it’s time to take I90 west or I81 south. Consider moving to a reliably red state, such as Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, or even South Dakota. There’s also Texas, Florida, and Georgia, though these states are gradually becoming blended.

Dee and I made our move several years ago and we have no regrets. If you are a conservative who lives in New York State, you’re facing higher taxes, a challenging economy, lower property values, and further restrictions on your personal liberty. Governor Cuomo is not your friend and there is no longer a firewall in the state legislature or senate. Liberal Democrats have unrestricted political power at the state level, so you’re on your own with diminishing prospects, especially with what looks like a big change soon to come in Washington.

Before Dee and I left New York, we could have filled a college-ruled piece of paper with a list of friends and family who had already departed for a better life elsewhere. Since then, that list has become longer as other friends have taken the step toward freedom, happiness, and fulfillment.

It does take time to plan a move to another state. There’s research, possible employment searches, consideration for children who are still at home, the decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of, and selling a home. For us, it was about eight months from the time we decided to move until we pulled away from our home of more than thirty years. It was worth it all!

So my friends, I urge you – if at all possible – do some research and begin planning for departure. Make your move to a conservative state where people share your faith, your values, where your liberty will be intact, where the economy continues growing and strong, and where your presence will be appreciated.

Remember some years ago when Governor Cuomo told conservatives they can leave? Why not take him up on that request?

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