Things change, but not always for the better

When I joined FaceBook nearly eleven years ago, the platform was a great way to interact with family and friends. I especially enjoyed connecting with people from my distant past, as well as with those who lived in distant places. In those early days, most posts were about what’s for dinner, the antics of children and pets, vacations, and pics of the family.

Today, FaceBook is very different. One can still find the great benefits mentioned above, but there’s more – much more! Advertising, and plenty of it. Also, my news feed is filled with all kinds of articles on a variety of topics that FaceBook has determined through algorithms that I likely will take the time to read.

FaceBook makes money through its account holders – but privacy is the bigger issue!

So, the FaceBook of my early days has become a money-maker. You and I, through our posts, our likes, our connections to various organizations, and our personal profile (information that we voluntarily provide), all allow FaceBook to tailor carefully targeted advertising to you and to me.

I don’t mind this in principle and I did choose to allow it. But, while I think the amount of advertising is overmuch, there is a deeper issue to consider.

The information we provide (some of it quite personal), including every photo you have ever posted is retained permanently as they build your profile. Check the user policy you signed – read it – and think a bit. Next, ask yourself if you really want a social media platform to know you even better than some of your own family members. Then ask yourself, what can they (what will they) do with this information in the future?

This is one of the lesser reasons for my soon departure. And yet I realize… just because I delete my account does not mean they delete my personal information… for that information my friends… is retained permanently!

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