California Dreamin?

With all that’s going on in our nation and around the world, perhaps the story of Gavin Newsom’s victory in the California recall election really wasn’t that significant. The 2-1 margin of victory was perhaps larger than most people expected and there were rumblings of voter fraud. However, Larry Elder conceded the election soon after the results were announced, eliminating any chance of a drawn-out controversy1.

After all the petitions, the hand-wringing, the publicity stunts, the multiplied millions of dollars spent, and all the effort, residents of the ‘Golden State’ are right back where they started. It looks as though the vast majority of these folk have exactly what they want.

After all, Governor Newsom is not entirely to blame for all of the problems in California. Yes, the myriad problems facing the state go back for decades and there is plenty of blame to go around, at least back to the Jerry Brown days in the late 1970s. However, for all the environmental concerns, border issues, high rates of taxation, and other long-standing concerns, there are plenty of problems that can be placed at the feet of the current governor.

Gavin Newsom – Looks like a politician but acts like a communist

The homeless situation is completely out of control, crime is well ahead of statistical norms, once-beautiful cities have the look of third-world nations, taxes are continuing to increase, and more.

Let’s not forget the problems that sparked the recall petitions in the first place. The mask mandates, the forced closings and restrictions placed on small businesses, the closure of schools, and limits placed on enjoyable activities including sports venues and outdoor fun. Meanwhile, the good governor himself, as the typical hypocritical ‘leader’, chose to violate the mandates he imposed on others.

And yet, in spite of all this, the recall failed and Gavin Newsom will remain in office to finish out his term. Is it not completely odd that the residents of California cried out for relief from the insufferable mandates, ruination of businesses and livelihood, public school closures, and the restrictions on personal freedoms, yet they collectively refused to replace the one person who is largely responsible for their problems?

What recourse do the residents of California have, now that they are stuck with Newsom (and many other democrat political figures)? Leave. Depart. Move to a state more in tune with conservative values. Just be sure to come with better values and leave the liberal communist ideology behind!

The best option for conservative California residents

Many are doing exactly that. Entire corporations are leaving California for red states where the business climate is more friendly and where costs like taxes are considerably less than their former climes. According to the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, Oracle and Hewlett Packard lead a list of 74 companies that have moved out of California to states like Texas, just in the first six months of 20212.

Individuals and families are also turning their backs on California and moving east. I see this in my own work as the general manager of a home and business security company in Middle Tennessee. At least once a month I have the opportunity to work with a family from California and their story is often the same. They tell me they recently moved to Tennessee from California after selling their home at a very high price. They buy a larger and nicer home here and re-establish their business. Thousands of people are making the move and it’s draining California of people, money, and talent.

To those of you who live in California: for all your complaints and the challenges you will face in the coming months, I say this…

Enjoy the fruits of your poor political decisions. You deserve it!

1 Newsom Survives California Recall Vote and Will Remain Governor. online article. September 14, 2021.
2 Companies are rapidly leaving California in 2021, researchers find. online article. September 1, 2021.

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