Differing Perspective: The Proposed Moratorium on Muslim Immigration

First, the best perspective…

Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble
is like a broken tooth, and a foot out of joint.

Proverbs 25:19

Note to readers: This entry is in response to a friend who wrote an interesting piece on his blog which can be found at… mostlyuncomfortabletopics.wordpress.com

OK – I’m back… Mark I read your blog entry and gave it some thought. In general, I tend to agree with your historical analysis, but I also agree with candidate Trump that a temporary moratorium on Muslim immigration should be enacted… as long as a sensible plan is quickly developed and put in place that will fairly and objectively evaluate the merits of each individual and/or family wishing to enter the United States.

Since the terror attacks of 9/11/01, the Federal government has invested untold trillions of dollars on wars, programs and safeguards designed to protect our nation from those who seek to do us harm. This includes the formation of the Department of Homeland Security, which I recently read has 240,000 employees. In addition, there has been legislation passed such as the so-called ‘Patriot Act’, an enhanced NSA, distributions of surplus military equipment to local police agencies, increased airport security, and more. It is quite clear that money has been spent, programs have been developed, and legislation has been passed. If all this has been done, then why is it that the system seems to be ineffective? One of the San Bernardino shooters evidently slipped in without the safety protocols catching her and of course we now must live with the results. It was the same in Boston. This is a significant problem that demands attention.

As for my earlier posting on this topic (for those who may be interested), it can be found near the top of my Facebook wall and this evidently contributed to your response. I suppose my desire for tact and diplomacy may have muddled my point a bit. Sure, the circumstances are different and thirty-five years is a long time. However, my point is that President Carter took necessary action. He analyzed the situation, arrived at a conclusion, worked out a plan, and then explained his actions to the American people. It was clear, it was succinct, and it was understandable. It also is true that these steps did not work!

Jimmy Carter
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Now, let us consider the Obama administration. Presently, the Middle East is in complete turmoil – a political and humanitarian disaster. One result is that refugees are streaming into Europe and America, but there are conflicting reports on the demographic make-up of these people. Many seem to be men, who we logically expect are leaving behind families… elderly parents, siblings, wives, and children. Suspicious? Yes, this writer is and others should be as well. And we should remember that one of the San Bernardino terrorists was a woman – a young mother no less! There is danger in unchecked immigration, whether along the southern border or in our nation’s airports.

Like many, I watched Obama’s recent address from the Oval Office.
I wanted to see what his plan might be following the horrific attack in California. Unfortunately, there was nothing new. There were the usual platitudes and a review of military accomplishments. And of course the tiresome references to gun control and a lecture on racial profiling and prejudice. But what is the plan? How are we going to properly vet those who cross our nation’s borders?

Obama Oval Office
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This is why Trump’s proposal for a temporary moratorium makes sense to so many. It’s not that Muslims should face discrimination based upon on their religion. It simply makes sense to design and implement an effective system. This should be done – quickly and efficiently – but make sure the system works. Incidentally, it seems that Trump’s proposal resonates with many Americans, but those who strongly object to this proposal should put forth a workable alternative. So far, no alternative has been offered, at least nothing
of which I am aware.

In any case, your points are well taken Mark, but my comments on
the differences between Carter and Obama are more of a contrast between the two regarding the presentation of a plan to the American people. Obama is lacking in this regard and Trump at
least offers a reasonable concept for consideration. Meanwhile, unscreened refugees, quite possibly including radicals and terrorists continue to arrive…

Statue of Liberty
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America has always been a nation that welcomes the “huddled masses” and that should certainly continue. However, a president’s first responsibility is to protect the American people. There must be every effort made to design and implement a program that effectively screens every person who enters our nation, whether from Mexico, the Middle East, or European nations.

Disclaimer: I am not a supporter of Donald Trump, nor do I support any other presidential candidate.

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