Dr. Ben Carson: A Godly and Honorable Man in Politics

Dr. Ben Carson and his wife Candy Carson: Dr. Carson is a renowned neurosurgeon, author, and served as the director of Housing and Urban Development during the Trump administration

Dr. Ben Carson and his wife Candy visited World Outreach Church this past Sunday and I was privileged to have him sign a copy of his latest book – The Perilous Fight – which I had read in advance.

Dr. Carson also addressed our church during the Saturday and Sunday worship services, presenting a timely message on the challenges that face families in the midst of our difficult and declining society.

In The Perilous Fight, Dr. Carson presents – in his usual thoughtful and carefully spoken manner – a number of issues that resonate with those who care about families and the overall direction of our nation.

Personally, I have always been impressed with Dr. Carson. Some years ago, I read his autobiography, Gifted Hands, which tells of his younger years and his work as a neurosurgeon. He is a devoted Christian, faithful husband and father, and has proven himself as a responsible leader who gets results.

He is a man of character and integrity and it’s my hope that he will be offered a position in the Trump administration next year. How about Surgeon General of the United States?

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