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Jeff Michaels started
Plain English Publications in 2000 as a way to preserve his writings, especially planned works on his family history. Since then, he has completed two genealogical works, along with a book about his Adirondack hiking experiences and a set of materials designed to teach children about God’s Word, the Bible.

Additional works are anticipated including, Anvil of the Blacksmith, a historical novel based on Jeff’s years of genealogical research and an autobiographical¬† book called Turning Points.

Why the term Plain English? Two meanings. First, when Jeff was a child, he was frequently in trouble and when he was confronted by his mother, he would try to explain his actions. Mom would simply state, “Give it to me in plain English!” Second, Jeff has always had a high level of respect and appreciation for the English language, being articulate and focused in communication, whether spoken or written. Always in Plain English!

Descriptions of Jeff’s published works are below, along with prices.

Anvil of the Blacksmith (2024)
A novel of historical fiction based on three generations of the Phelps family that arrived in Geneva, New York in 1829. The book will tell the story of three sons who fought in the Civil War, along with other family members. Complicated family relationships and challenging social issues during the mid-1800s are explored.
Price: TBD

Tale Of The Tenderfoot (2017)
Jeff describes seven life lessons learned from the trail, based on his many years hiking and backpacking in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. Taken from the hikers journal he maintained from 1986-2016, there are detailed descriptions of his experiences and favorite places. In addition, he includes thoughts on the events that made these times such a significant part of his life.
$35.00 postage paid

God’s Wonderful Book (2016)
Teaching material developed and tested by Jeff and Dee Michaels
in children’s school-based Bible Club and church ministries. God’s Wonderful Book was written and designed to be a supplement to curriculum already in use. With an investment of just 5-7 minutes
of class time each week, elementary age children will memorize essential facts about the Bible. Consistent practice will help them build confidence in the Bible as the very best guide in life. The set
of notes is beautifully illustrated with eight full-color flashcards
by Noelle Okolowicz, a gifted artist and regular contributor to  Proverbs 31 Ministries.
$25.00 postage paid – Quantity discounts available on request

Taconic Tales (2002)
The family history of the Michaels and Burnick lines through three generations. After exhaustive research, the book was published on the 150th anniversary of Martin Michaels’ arrival in New York City from Germany in 1852. Short vignettes tell the story, providing insight into the lives of three generations of Michaels and Burnick ancestry.
$35.00 postage paid

Numbered But Not Remembered (2000)
The book presents three generations of Jeff’s maternal Lindsey lines including the Coe, Hawkins, Cutter, Phelps, and Harris families that lived in Chemung County, New York as far back as 1805. Along with factual information, short stories are included that describe life and events in the early 1800s, primarily Chemung and Ontario Counties, New York.
Currently out of print

Most publications are printed using quality 32 lb paper with an ink-jet printer and placed in three-ring binders that allows for the addition of personal notes and other documents. God’s Wonderful book is printed and placed in a pocket folder for easy use. Anvil of the Blacksmith will be professionally printed and bound as a soft cover volume.

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