Know When It’s Time To Go

Know When It’s Time To Go

Dee and I departed our home state of New York early in the morning on August 19, 2017. “Way down south is the place ya oughtta be… So we loaded up the truck and we moved to Tennessee…” Isn’t that how the old TV jingle went? – Ha!

Truthfully, the decision to leave was not made lightly. Our lives were stable. Our work was a ministry in which we had invested more than thirty-four years. We had lived in our home for more than thirty years. We had friends and family we loved and enjoyed. We were also well-established with business contacts, doctors, dentist, auto repair shop, and even Wegmans. Yes, we miss Wegmans, probably the very finest chain of grocery stores in the nation!

Of course we knew our way around, since we had traveled the entire state. And New York is stunningly beautiful, with some of the grandest scenery anywhere. We had been privileged to see and enjoy most of it. From Niagara Falls to the Adirondack Mountains. From the shores of Lake Ontario to the Finger Lakes. From the Southern Tier to the Catskills. But, but, but…

A Scenic Wonder – Chittenango Falls, New York
Photo by Dee Michaels

There are myriad problems in New York, most of which have been caused, indeed created, by a long list of socialist-minded politicians who operate on self-aggrandizing principles of gaining personal power and prestige, while advancing a liberal mindset that hurts the very people they are supposed to serve. Instead of emphasizing and protecting principles of personal liberty and supporting an environment that leads to economic prosperity, many of these so-called public servants focus on controlling people’s lives, inventing new ways to raise money through taxes and fees, and advancing a socialist agenda.

What has this socialist agenda provided for the hard-working families in New York State? Ever higher taxation and fees, a higher cost of living, the destruction of personal liberty, ineffective economic policy, burgeoning social concerns, inadequate and poorly performing schools, and negative economic growth. Instead of enduring these challenges and difficulties, thousands of people are choosing to leave New York. Many of these families relocate to politically conservative red states that provide a better environment for personal liberty and stronger economic opportunity.

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York
Eager to enact socialist policies upon the citizens of his state

Dee and I often talked about the number of friends and family members who had left New York over a twenty year span of time. And we are quite sure that we could fill an entire college-ruled piece of notebook paper with the names of those we know who departed, most of whom for personal economic reasons or for a job change. However, many of them would agree that leaving New York State helped to provide additional benefits as they relocated to other states more favorable to their values and interests.

Dee and I had two primary reasons for moving to Tennessee. First, we wanted to be closer to our son Brandon who had already moved here. Second, we had a growing sense that it was time for a change of direction in life. Beyond these important reasons, the problems in New York noted above were factors, as was the weather. We just don’t like the long brutal winters up north! We were part of an exodus of 190,000 people who left New York State in 2017. For us, it was easy to… Know When It’s Time To Go.

Dee and I used two trucks – a 26 foot and a 17 foot
Thanks to so many friends who helped load up and drive!

So… here we are in Tennessee, having lived here for nearly eighteen months. And for us, the move has been more than positive. We have no regrets. Oh sure, we miss friends and family and you’re all welcome here, whether for a visit, or to become our neighbors! After all, just like us, you might discover that you… Know When It’s Time To Go.

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