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It’s fairly simple. Standards of common decency, mutual respect,
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Jeff Michaels

4 thoughts on “Comment Policy”

    1. Hi Donna: Thanks for writing! William Pettit was a fascinating man and there’s more to his story than what I have discovered. Also Thomas Burnick and his family – much more to learn, especially about their roots in Ireland. Let me know if you would like additional information. This site or email ThePlainEnglish at gmail dot com…

  1. My dear friend has endured years of emotional abuse by her husband. She has been counseling with several godly people over the last 2 1/2 years. One of those Christian counselors told her that couples should never use the word of God as a weapon. He mentioned that the sharpness of the sword is too powerful to be tossed lightly. Her husband fights using his Bible. She receives weekly texts from her husband that are sections of scripture on the subjects of “Submission, husband’s leadership, and unforgiveness,” etc. Her counselors said struggling people should speak together using their own words and leave God’s scripture out. At Thanksgiving her husband sent every family member a scripture and asked that it be read at the dinner table – one at a time. As the family members read their verses on forgiveness and sin, their faces fell. The word of God had been used as a weapon. My friends said, in her mind, she visualized that each of the family members had been slayed there at the table. The meal and holiday had been ruined as the family sat around the table in total silence. Jeff, your writing this week is a good reminder and one that I will take to heart as I interact with all people. Thanks.

  2. I agree with you Jeff. I cannot even watch the commercials for this filth. I have to leave the room. Doesn’t the bible say that soon what is right will be wrong and what is wrong with be right. This is a perfect example of that. Frightening.

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