About Miss Amber

Miss AmberMiss Amber is a contributing writer to The Open Window and she plans to share her artistic humor a couple of times each month. Her cartoons, Chef Catastrophe and Dog Tales are her own creations, including concept, art, and narrative.

She is a developing writer, artist, and cartoonist. The concept of Chef Catastrophe came about as she tried to think of, “A character who is different and not quite normal.” Miss Amber adds, “Chef Catastrophe thinks of himself as an awesome cook, but in reality, he struggles in the kitchen. He is full of joy, but often has a tough time. His boss tries to be nice, but likes everything to be neat and tidy. However, with Chef Catastrophe in the kitchen, disaster is certain.” Sometimes the story lines are based on her own life: “Something that happens to me, but I change it a little bit.”

As a developing artist, Miss Amber is presently learning to focus on effective shading and outlining with ink. As with any artistic effort, she invests plenty of time considering concepts and then putting pencil or pen to paper. She especially enjoys using literary compare and contrast in cartooning and It will be fascinating to watch her grow in her ability, both conceptually and in her actual output.

Miss Amber is part of a great family and is a 4th grade home school student who receives private art lessons. Her other interests include playing soccer for her travel team, learning to play the piano, and spending time playing with her dogs Makayla and Mandy.

Be sure to check in on Miss Amber when she submits her artistic creations! The first Chef Catastrophe cartoon will be posted on Monday, February 16.


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  1. Haha! I don’t think I’m going to be visiting Chef Catastrophe’s restaurant any time soon. But it does sound like maybe his cooking is improving a little bit! I love your cartoons.

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