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Jeff 3Jeff Michaels is a children’s minister serving with Child Evangelism Fellowship. Born in Syracuse, NY, he now lives in the Rochester area with his wife Dee, son Brandon, and two Basset Hounds – Bubba and Rosie. He received his BS in Business from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2007 and his MS in Communication is only lacking a thesis planned for when he has the time!

Jeff is a long-time and accomplished genealogist (non-certified) and has written and self-published two books on his own family history. He enjoys an occasional game of chess and a few years back coached a high school chess team to several championships in a competitive interscholastic league. United States military history is another life- long interest, especially the American Revolution. The Adirondack Mountains have been an important part of Jeff’s life and he has hiked and backpacked through many sections of the high peaks. In addition, he gains satisfaction through finding, restoring, and using antique hand tools. This blog is another interest, providing a great outlet for expressing his carefully considered opinion on a variety of topics.

The opinions expressed on this blog belong entirely to Jeff Michaels and are not necessarily those of Child Evangelism Fellowship or any other person or organization.


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  1. I read your post this morning about Thomas Burnick. He was my 4th Great Grandfather through John Burnick and Margaret O’Donnell, then John J Burnick and Sophie/a Meyer, then my great grandparents Stanley Burnick and Eleanora Remillard and then Charles McBeth and Beverley Burnick to my mother Kathleen McBeth-Lewis. Thank you for this narrative as I am researching my lineage on my own since most of my immediate family has no interest. I recently found tons of documents on a free trial of Fold3 and I was printing it all.. and reading this outline helped bring a clearer picture to me. Thank You.

    1. Hi Patty:

      Thank you for writing and sharing how we are connected through ancestry. I would enjoy talking further about these matters, so please feel free to contact me through this site whenever you can!

      Jeff Michaels

  2. Hello Sir,
    My uncle was the Jr. Pilot onboard the China Clipper on that fateful night in Jan 8th, 1945. My aunt never got over it and she finally passed in 2001. That’s a long time to live with a broken heart.
    Thank you for your article. I love it.
    My associate and I know where the China Clipper is buried in Trinidad. After the crash the Army bulldozed the clipper in a hole and covered it over, sealing it in time. Specialist tell me the plane will be in unbelievable shape. And we are getting a team to together to go to Trinidad and recover this aircraft. What fun,,yes?

    1. Thank you for writing Timothy and I am interested in your news of possibly recovering the wreck of the China Clipper. Please contact me through this site when you have further information.

      Jeff Michaels

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