Lavergne K-9 Officer Sjaak Killed in the Line of Duty

Yesterday evening Dee and I had to take our dog Mr. Barnaby to the vet. When we arrived, we noticed many police cars from numerous agencies in the parking lot. In addition, there were a large number of officers and deputies present, with most of them in a circle talking together.

Right away, Dee understood the situation. She had heard that early in the day, a local K-9 officer – a Belgian Malinois named Sjaak – had been shot. A man drove up alongside the police vehicle Sjaak was riding in on Murfreesboro Road and opened fire on Officer Justin Darby, who was uninjured. After a high speed chase, the shooter was killed in a shoot-out.

It was only after the shoot-out that Officer Darby discovered his K-9 partner had been shot and he was rushed to Murfreesboro Animal Hospital to undergo surgery. Sadly, Sjaak did not survive. As with most K-9 officers, Sjaak had chosen his human partner and they were closely bonded. They had served together for six years.

K-9 Officer Sjaak of the LaVergne, Tennessee Police Dept.

We watched from our car as the officers were informed and as they comforted one another in their loss. The K-9 officers who serve our communities are much loved by their human partners and these dogs love their work.

We live in the midst of wickedness and it’s a tough time to serve in law enforcement. Mindless and evil incidents like the death of K-9 Officer Sjaak should remind us that these men and women and their partner K-9 officers are here to serve and protect. They deserve our thanks, our support, and our admiration.

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