Scattered Coins on the Sidewalk – All for You!

I’m sitting here wondering what kind of nation I live in. A nation in which elected officials in Washington, DC are able to somehow pull together a bipartisan spending bill – ostensibly to benefit the American people – that provides hundreds of billions of dollars for all manner of stupid, useless, wasteful projects in far-flung corners of the globe, yet fails miserably at providing desperately needed relief to millions of our own people. After all these months, this is the best our elected representatives could do?

To the members of the United States Congress and Senate: You have utterly failed to discharge your duty and as a collective body, you are an abject failure. You have no empathy and no conscience. Every one of you is a narcissistic do-nothing, glad-handing and fist-bumping each other in smug, self-satisfied uni-party glee. Back-flips and happy dances throughout the Capital building until it’s time to board the plane to head home for your ‘well-deserved’ Christmas break. This is the result of six months of lame-headed, half-hearted negotiations, stalling your way to this piece of crap legislation? Disgusting doesn’t begin to describe what you have foisted upon the American people, many of whom are far beyond desperate. You willingly spit in the faces of those you represent. I actually despise you and what you stand for.

Stacks o’ Gold for Overseas Pet Projects and Influence Peddling

Oh, there were a few feeble voices raised in opposition. Senator Marsha Blackburn here in my home state of Tennessee, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, and a few others. Surprisingly, even New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez complained about only having two hours to read the bill. So, there’s that…

Oh and these bills were not written by legislators. No way. These were written by professional lobbyists, likely months ago and held in reserve until the opportune time. Yeah, right before Christmas, right before all of you quickly beat it out of town to get home to your own family for a lengthy break. Get the vote done, catch the flight, enjoy the Holiday, and spend some quality time reflecting on how to screw the American people in new and exciting ways come January.

This so-called COVID relief bill is a wasteful 6,000 page piece of trash that completely misses the mark. Worse – and more accurate – it rubs the noses of the American people in their own steaming pile of COVID-19, all for spite because these swamp creatures actually despise the people they were elected to represent. All they want is personal power, perks, and whatever assets they can acquire through influence peddling. Public servants? Spare me.

Hold Your Hands Out My Fellow Americans and Get Your Share!

It’s well past time to cut the bull crap. President Trump needs to veto this legislation and force congress to override. That way they get to double-own it. Mr. President, don’t sit in the White House and issue demands that Congress will ignore anyway. Take a principled stand for the good of America and her people. Make a statement that your supporters will appreciate. What will you be risking? Your reputation? Your honor? Your political future? You built your political brand on the concept of America First. This may just be one last opportunity to demonstrate this in a dramatic and practical way.

And as for the tiny bit of help tossed in by Pelosi, McConnell, et al, I don’t think you and I will be missing much if by some slim chance the legislation is halted. After all, compared to the totality, a paltry $600 for you and me is the equivalent of scattered coins on the sidewalk.

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