The Declining Spiritual Condition of America’s Children

First, the best perspective…

And thou shalt teach them (God’s Word) diligently unto thy children… – Deuteronomy 6:7

Since the days of Moses, God has made it clear that parents are to
be the primary teachers of Biblical values to their children. His design is that the principles found in His Word should be passed down from generation to generation, thus providing strength and stability to the family, and to the entire nation. As man honored these requirements, the blessing of God was evident.

Yet in our own nation, the teaching of Biblical principles in the home has eroded during the past fifty years. Changes in societal values have led parents to shift their efforts toward giving children plenty of opportunities for involvement in all types of activities, other than the spiritual. Meanwhile, church attendance, Bible stories and bed-time prayers have faded in importance.

When I was a child, my family rarely attended church. I’m not sure why, but it never seemed to be a priority. However, we did have some occasional spiritual input. There was at least one Bible in our home, even if it was seldom read. Also, my mother found a way to purchase the well-known set of ten blue Bible story books seen in many homes. These were readily available and were read on occasion, leading to an understanding of the great stories found in God’s Word.

Our family had a time of prayer before dinner:
God is great and God is good. And we thank Him for this food.
By His hands we must be fed. Give us Lord our daily bread.

Then at night before bed, another time of prayer:
Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.

Throughout my childhood and teen years, The Billy Graham Crusade was on network television once or twice a year, usually featured for several successive evenings. Mr. Graham’s messages were sincere and easy to understand. My family often watched these programs, finding them to be just as interesting as most regular programming.

Billy Graham on TV
Billy Graham Crusade TV Reminder

(photo from Dennis Daily’s Blog)

With the limited spiritual input that my family had, there was at least some understanding of God: Who He is, that He is good, and that He loves us. We also knew that the Bible is a great book and that its principles are worth knowing and following.

My concern today is that many children in our society do not even have this small amount of light in their lives. Young people who do attend church regularly and who have parents that invest time in their spiritual development may have an advantage, but the vast majority of children in the United States have very little spiritual input. No church attendance, no Bible stories, and no prayer time. Meanwhile, Billy Graham is 97 years old, so there are no more crusades that families can watch together on television.

Perhaps it is true that many of the problems we have in our nation today are the result of neglecting the spiritual development of our children. If only parents would take some time to build a bit of the truth of God’s Word into their children’s lives with the same focus given to so many other activities! People are busy and life is hectic. This is certainly true, but many parents have no desire to diligently teach Biblical values to their children and those who might want to do so are unsure about where to begin..

Some of these parents realize the fact that their children are missing an important part of well-rounded development. This is one reason why church ministries like AWANA and Olympians are so important. Also, Good News Club® and similar ministries that take place in the public school are wonderful tools to help make up for what children do not receive at home.

Pastor Tom Howell Teaches a Memory Verse at Good News Club
(photo by the author)

During the past few years, a number of parents whose children come to Good News Club each week have shared their thoughts with me. One mom said, “Good News Club is their church.” Another mother added, “My daughter has a closer relationship with God than I ever did.” A dad emphatically stated, “My kid could use a little religion!”

These parents all love their children and provide everything they can so that the kids will grow into the best adults possible. But many moms and dads find it difficult to take care of the spiritual part of life. Some are uncomfortable about church attendance and don’t know what church they should attend even if they do decide to go. Many others have no idea how to build good spiritual values into their children’s lives.  As a result, these parents are grateful that others have taken the initiative to offer church and school based options to help them in what they perceive to be an area of weakness.

Ministry opportunities abound for people committed to the cause
of the Gospel and teaching God’s Word to children. Those of us who are committed to building strong Biblical values into the lives of our own children should look for practical ways to help parents who struggle with this essential part of life. Our nation desperately needs to see a new generation of young people grow into strong, mature, faithful Christian men and women who become leaders that will rebuild the spiritual foundations that have eroded during the past fifty years.

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8 thoughts on “The Declining Spiritual Condition of America’s Children”

  1. Super content and beginning, Jeff. I took 3 months of training in MO in 1991 and worked in Livingston, Ontario and Yates counties when Jeff was our State Director. I have a great respect for Jeff and his willingness to try “new” ways of reaching people who will catch a burden for the untaught children in our “depraved” society. May our LORD bless you richly. Let’s all pray for Jeff and this outreach.

    1. Thanks Suzy for your gracious comments! And prayer support is the fuel that keeps everything of value moving forward…

  2. Thanks John. There’s enough going on in the hearts and lives of kids as it is. However, government often adds to the problem through various programs that – at least on the surface – are designed for their good, but instead seem to accomplish the opposite of that which was intended. Fortunately, the Gospel and good teaching from the Word of God will overcome issues of the heart and poor environmental factors…

  3. Well said Jeff! Then added to the deficit we have Common Core and other progressive programs packaged by the government (with emphasis especially in regards to the current regime) to push the agenda of those desiring to legitimize sin and rebellion against God by pursuing the hearts and minds of our vulnerable children. Truly spiritual warfare.

  4. Thank you Jeff. I find children have a natural curiosity and desire to know their creator. Parents who feel inadequate to teach their children about God have many places to find help. In my early childhood, there was no bible and certainly no church, but I remember a painting of Jesus praying by a rock. The print hung in the hallway and I knew who Jesus was simply from that picture. Mom probably told me some time that this was Jesus. I spoke with him daily. It was the beginning of a long and wonderful relationship with the Lord.

    1. It’s true Jackie that the Lord made children to be receptive to the Gospel. This provides a great ‘window of opportunity’ to reach them between the ages of 4 and perhaps 12. Meanwhile, the Lord Himself works in their hearts in special ways – like He did for our family!

  5. I sometimes get up in the middle of the night to care for my husband and I can’t get back to sleep. I check out Facebook and see how my friends are doing and how I can pray for the.,
    Jeff I look forward to this new blog you have started. You are a gifted man led by God and I know that this is yet another avenue that God will use to help people come to know and grow closer to the one true God.
    For those who don’t know, I met Jeff and his wife Dee when I was a new Christian who had a burden for children. Jeff and Dee taught me in their home the whys and how we should teach the young children. They trained me to hold Good News clubs in my home. I can testify to Jeff’s blog how important for those that are called by God to teach young Children in Good News Clubs or AWANA clubs. Many parents today are just too busy. They may not take their children to church to learn about God and his saving grace but would not be apposed to letting their child into the home of a trusting neighbor. I was the trusting neighbor that had all the kids in the neighborhood in my home to tell them about the love of Jesus. Young hearts were changed. My heart melts when even now as recent as a half a year ago, one of the children who is now grown and a mother herself said she learned about the true love of Jesus in my home.
    Yes Jeff there is quite a declined of even the carnal Christian today. This is why it is so important to continue to raise up workers that will open their homes to good News clubs. The harvest is ready but the workers are few.
    Thank you Jeff and Dee for being such instrumental forces in teaching me teach children.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments Chris. You had a great Good News Club in your home and Dee and I are grateful for your friendship. Best wishes in the New Year to you and Rick!

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