Is Joe Biden Serious About Uniting the Country?

Joe Biden has stated on numerous occasions that he wants to unify the country. I take that to mean that he wants to heal the division, overcome the rancor, and begin some kind of rebuilding of trust. However, Democrats and Republicans (and liberals and conservatives) are so divided over issues of social policy and national direction, that a unification seems impossible.

Democrats vs Republicans: Where will it lead?

This is compounded by Democrats having complete control of the executive branch and both houses of Congress, though with very slim majorities. The opportunity is before them to, “change America” (Schumer). Also, As one recent president (Obama) artfully stated, “Elections have consequences.”

So then, Joe Biden and the Democrats have the political power to move ahead with plans to redirect the course of the nation. And yet, Biden has stated the desire to unify. It remains to be seen and will be difficult to balance, but if our new president is serious, I have a few suggestions:

  1. Tone down the anti-Trump rhetoric. This country will never be unified as long as 75 million Americans perceive that the Trump family is being hounded and persecuted.
  2. Reconsider the expansion of abortion rights. Many conservatives are deeply grieved over this issue and they will not change their minds.
  3. Be very careful about attacking the Second Amendment. Instead, focus on the real causes for mass shootings and work to address these issues.
  4. Leave the Federal court system alone. Attempts to reshape the judiciary and/or add justices to the Supreme Court will create further division.
  5. Do not open our borders to unlimited immigration. Instead, work with Republicans to formulate a new creative approach that will work for all, including downtrodden people who wish to come to America.

Republicans and conservatives will have to accept the fact that Democrats have the power to accomplish a liberal and progressive agenda. However, Joe Biden and Democrat leadership should understand that if uniting the country is truly an important objective, then exercising some restraint on some of the highly divisive issues will certainly help.

If the Biden administration is serious about uniting this nation, then he has work to do. It will not be done with stupid ideas like ramrodding a liberal agenda down the throats of conservatives. Nor will such idiotic ideas as deprogramming be met with anything less than derision.

Instead, work with Republicans and conservatives and exercise common sense in implementing social policy. Demonstrate genuine willingness to come up with bipartisan solutions and exercise reasonable restraint to overcoming our shared problems and concerns.

Otherwise, the political advantage Joe Biden and the Democrats presently enjoy will disappear and there will be at least 75 million very unhappy citizens. Unity? Only if Joe Biden and other Democrat leaders are willing to listen to conservatives and compromise on key issues to earn that unity.

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