Hey Dad – What’s the Difference?

Some years ago, when our son Brandon was quite young – maybe seven or eight – he asked me a question. “Dad, what’s the difference between a Democrat and a Republican?” I paused for a moment and considered. How could I answer his question in a way that was accurate and yet understandable for a child?

I said, “Well Brandon, a Democrat believes government has to help people solve their problems. But a Republican thinks people should be able to solve their own problems.” The answer was simplistic, but accurate at that time.

Nearly twenty-five years later, my answer is still accurate, but there’s much more to tell. Today, Democrat leadership wants to do more than help. They want to control your life.

As we consider our present COVID-dominated situation, we see the decisions and methods of Democrat leadership. Democrats are largely responsible for the closing of thousands of businesses across our nation. Schools have closed, or in many cases, have modified their approach to include home-based and online learning. Churches are forced to severely limit attendance or remain closed. Families have been split, with senior citizens unable to visit with family members. Thanksgiving gatherings were limited to small numbers or even forbidden altogether. Mask mandates are in place nearly everywhere.

Meanwhile, Republicans have attempted to maintain a balance between personal liberty and the health and well-being of people. Republicans generally trust people to make the best decision for themselves and for family members, quite in contrast to the typical Democrat position.

Things could get worse in the months ahead. Joe Biden – should he be sworn-in as president – has promised, “I’ll shut down the virus, not shut down the country.” The problem is the media never asked him how he plans to do that. Instead, the media nodded their heads and wrote glowing ‘news pieces’ commending the candidate for his ‘common sense approach.’ Let’s see what Joe Biden will do to help.

The real problem is that Democrats want to do more than just help. Today, Democrats, including Joe Biden, want to use whatever power they have to control your life. Your personal liberty is under attack. All a person needs to do is watch and listen, analyze and evaluate, and then come to sound conclusions. Oh… and be sure to maintain your personal liberty while respecting the rights of others!

My response given to Brandon so long ago was accurate at the time. But if a child asked me that question today, I would have to give an entirely different answer.

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